To Judge Righteously

Friday, October 24th, 2008

I’ve been listening to a dramatization of the new testament and I got to Jesus’s “eat my flesh” sermon in the book of John. His sermon was nothing less then a religious bomb that was bound to cause casualties, and it did.
Some of the thoughts that came to mind when listening to it was: What was there to gain from doing this? What is the point of handing people such a difficult concept, and then, in essence saying choose between me and normality? From a disciples point of view it almost seems unfair to put his disciples in such a position. Further more, from a conventional interpretation of Scriptures how would you back that up?

After more thought I realized that we human beings have such a predisposition to judge. We judge everything and everyone. In such judgment we often doom ourselves. If I was there that day and judged Jesus’s sermon from a conventional carnal judgment, I would have rejected truth. That is what most people did who heard his message that day.
Here’s the question behind it all for me: Why is it so hard to judge these things? How could what seems like good logic and common sense be so far off in this case? On any other day if we heard someone telling us to eat their flesh and never again go hungry all good logic and common sense would tell us this man is nuts and needs help, and we’d be right, but then this time it was wrong. Why?

The answer to this wont be found through carnal reasoning, nor through carnal logic. Not in this case at least. To judge accurate, in this case, one would have to use spiritual discernment. What Jesus said was true, albeit difficult to bare. The spiritually wise discerned well that day. As Peter testifies to by saying: “To whom shall we go? You have the Words of eternal life.”

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