Walk by faith, not by sight

Sunday, June 7th, 2009

The other day I was pondering the concept of walking by faith and not sight. The Bible says that we believers “walk by faith, not by sight.” Doing this, I feel, is easier said than done. What it comes down to in the real world is conscientiously choosing to tune out present “realities” that indicate a different outcome than what God has told us, or choosing to reject knowledge that does not support what God’s word tells us. It takes a certain strength to do this because it goes against the natural inclination of the flesh which is to trust what our mind can understand, or what our five senses lead us to believe. Walking by faith is really an unnatural act. No where in nature do you see animals ignoring their senses and choosing to proceed on faith. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. An animal’s survival depends on its senses. For us though it’s not just a matter of instinctively following our senses. We have the majesty of choice. We can choose to not be persuaded by the realities of our present circumstances, or the wisdom of the world and instead cling to God’s promise.

To put this into context, we have been told throughout the Bible of the Last Days and the return of Christ. At the moment we can see some of the tell-tell signs that Jesus told us would proceed His second coming. There is a measure of hope to be found in these signs. Although the signs in themselves may not be all that comforting, it’s the promise of the the return of Christ that makes the weary heart glad. Despite the signs that are beginning to show, we are not there yet. The history of man’s rule on earth has not run its full course yet. There are still climatic events that the Bible tells us of that must come before Christ’s return that have yet to happen. It is at our present location in history that we must be willing to trust God’s word and walk by faith trusting God for what we do not understand. The natural way to think is that “all things continue as they were.” The Bible warns us about coming to this conclusion.

We must strive to follow Abraham’s example of faith in these present times. We must be willing as Christians to walk by faith despite what our personal way of thinking may steer us towards. To base the future on the present does not work. We must take by faith what the Bible says and let events unfold as they may. The reward of our faith will come in due season, even though at present God’s Word and promises may be hard to grasp or comprehend.

When we do choose the path of faith over perception, we gain. Our faith is exercised and strengthened through the process. Our understanding of God also increases and the relationship that is shared between us and Him grows. Walking by faith, I feel, is part of the maturing process of a Christian.

The legacy of Faith

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009

The trials of our faith are what make us stronger in Him. We do not know all things, nor do we understand everything that is presented to us, but with time the mysteries of God are revealed. Abraham was given a promise that he never saw with his earthly eyes, yet he remained faithful to God throughout his life despite the fulfillment of the promise. God has been true to His promise to Abraham. Abraham’s example of faith has helped to define faith for us today. We too have also been given promises concerning the future, yet despite the evidence of these promises, or the seeming lack of evidence as viewed from our view point, it is required the we also remain faithful to God. Gods tapestry will be completed in His time.

Reason is the enemy of faith

Monday, April 6th, 2009

“Reason is the enemy of faith” so says the adage. From my observations this saying tends to polarize people. There are those who see wisdom in the adage, and then there are those who look at “reason” as a method to strengthen their faith.

To make a point I’d like to change this saying to: “Reason is the enemy of doubt.” If you ponder on the saying in its reverse form, it still holds truth. Reason can be a great way to dispel doubt and build up faith. Christianity is a very reasonable faith. There is no convincing reason why we as Christians should shy away from discovering the reasoning within Christianity.

If the saying is true, then it can not be referring to the form of reason I just mentioned above. Here is what I think it may refer to. As much as we study, we will always have an finite understanding of God and his ways. It is with the things that we do not understand that our faith in God must step in to bridge the gap between our limited understanding and His complete understanding. You can only put faith in someone you trust. It is when our reasoning steers us away from trusting in God for what we do not understand that reason becomes the enemy of faith.

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