Written on April 16, 2009 – 12:26 am | by Justin Paone |

Every once and awhile I step back far enough to notice how trivial the day-to-day cares of life can be. Its hard to step back and come to a conclusion like this, at least it is for me. The day-to-day cares can seem so demanding, so all encompassing, but maybe its just how we perceive them. I think it has to do with what we choose to focus on that determines our priorities. I question my judgment at what I allow my focus to be. At times its obvious what needs attention, but I don’t think its obvious every time. Sometimes I think there is no real thought put into it, but rather its an act of gravitating towards resolving a certain problem. Maybe gravitating towards one certain problem among many has to do with inclination which then determines our priorities.

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  2. By Clare on Apr 26, 2009 | Reply

    So very true. Whenever life starts getting a little overwhelming, it has a way of forcing me to take a step back, and remind myself of the big picture, and what really matters.

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