End time theology

Written on March 15, 2009 – 7:49 pm | by Justin Paone |

The other day I was thinking about current belief systems we as Christians have about the end time. Sometimes it seems we have it all neatly squared away in our minds. I feel the older I get the more I realize that sometimes reality plays out differently then what I may have originally pictured. In personal experience with hearing from the Lord, what the Lord says does come true, but not always the way I may have pictured it. There’s always twists along the way, or unseen events that make you think otherwise and give you some ground to entertain doubt.

What we actually know about the end time are only the “mountain peaks” of world events, which is actually very little. We know of events and peoples who are going to stand out in world history. What we don’t know about are the valleys that lay between these mountain peaks, or the chain of events that lead to the events we’ve been told about, which probably constitute the lions share of time and events. From a distant theological point of view the end time can look like one mountain peak after another in quick succession. Its interesting how Jesus narrowed it down to a generation, or a life span. It’s something that’s going to take time to play out and in the daily grind of life it seems more that way.

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  2. By laurieclaire on Mar 17, 2009 | Reply

    I enjoy this blog! Very interesting…..

  3. By Jules on Mar 26, 2009 | Reply

    Very good point.

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